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With specific trade expertise in Ford and Toyota for 25 years you can be sure we know our stuff when it comes to solving that mechanical issue. From wiper blades to overhauling your engine we can do it all. You can choose to relax in our waiting room or leave your vehicle for the day and take advantage of one of our zippy courtesy cars.


A well maintained car will run smoothly and efficiently, saving you money on petrol and increasing the life and value of your vehicle.

We service all makes and models...our expertise to carry out a quality service using premium parts and lubricants ensures peace of mind. We stand by all our work and the parts we use.



We make it easy ...while you wait or drop off and leave. If your vehicle needs further work to pass we can do all the necessary repairs to keep you on the road.


Mister Mechanical is a local, family-owned workshop located near the heart of Hornby at 12 Smarts Road.


Owner and Workshop Manager Alastair Herreman has a passion for all things automotive. His dedication to complete a thorough and quality job is paramount on every car that comes through the door.


Alastair started his mechanical career when he was just two. Fixing cars alongside Dad (who also was a mechanic), Alastair has fond memories of getting his hands dirty on an old AP5 Valiant Safari - the family wagon. He got his first car to work on himself at the age of 12, an HB 2-door Viva. Completing his apprenticeship at Ford, Alastair spent 8 years as a fully trained Ford mechanic. In 2003 Alastair left Ford to work in a Toyota based workshop which evolved into Mister Mechanical. 


When he's not throwing spanners around Alastair enjoys spending time with his two boys who you might see helping out in the workshop during school holidays.

Workshop Manager Alastair at Mister Mechanical
03 - 349 5982
Mister Mechanical 12 Smarts Road
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